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Why it's free - 100% totally free personals

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Why is it free?

It's a 100% totally free dating site

The site is and will remain completely free of charge. I created the site after I became a single person, and I tried numerous dating site frustrated that it took so long to meet someone. I wrote many messages and sent many winks but only a fraction actually responded. There had to a better way. I realised that my decision process was very quick and it could have summed up in YES or NO.

Thats when I decided to make site that was the fastest dating site around. Make it easy and simple to create connections with a similar function to what looks like a shopping cart.

But seriously

We can afford to run the site free of charge since we take contextual advertising. This will cover the cost of our server and bandwidth requirements.

What can you do?
As much or as little as you want. But we do hope that you contribute and help to build what could be a thriving online community. And importantly we hope you make some new friends or find love.

We recommend you take full advantage of the features

  • create a free profile
  • upload your pictures
  • search for people you might like to meet
  • Send them a message or leave them a comment
  • vote YES or NO if your interested in dating
  • find out how dateable you are
  • get real email addresses and phone numbers



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